Thursday, October 28, 2010


Decisions made on assumptions alone,
Is not the best way to take things on,
Assume and create more walls of fear,
Deep in your mind with thoughts unclear.

Assumptions assumptions; that’s the way we work,
Assumptions assumptions; just thinking too much,
Assumptions assumptions; only creates more walls,
Assumptions assumptions; and your thoughts will fall.

Fear is assumed from things not known,
Assumptions based on hollow tones,
Don’t assume and it will be seen,
With no assumptions the mind is clean.

-- Karan Parwani

Friday, October 1, 2010

Karma of Ego

The concept of Karma says you will reap as you sow. As per this concept, you are constantly writing and changing your destiny. You need to maintain a balance sheet of your good and bad karmas for life. Depending on your balance, your next life will be affected. If your balance sheet has more good, then you start your next life with a good base and if you were bad, your next life will start with struggles and failures.

We all know the statements given above. What we need to understand is how to get this balance right. Karma is basically a product of your ego. As long as there is ego, there will be some good or bad karma. The key is to be free from Karma to achieve moksh, which means we have to be free of ego. The most difficult thing for any human is to be free from ego. Being free from ego is that no material/emotional things of the world affect you. Letting go of materialities and emotions of life is the only way of being free from ego.

It should not matter if you win or lose, but it should matter that you have learnt. Just because you have learnt something does not make you a greater person as compared to others. So being free of this kind of ego is being free of Karma. In turn you will complete the balance from previous life's Karma and achieve moksh in this life.