Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Unheard Voices

There are times in life, when you hear some voices,
There are times in life, when you hear some noises,
And you begin to wonder, was that real ?
And you begin to wonder, should I feel ?

You need to understand that voice,
Don't think of it as some noise,
Coz it maybe your soul speaking,
Don't think it was just your head ringing.

Don't kill that voice, just hear it out,
You might just clear your pot of doubts,
And will realize life indeed can be fun,
And its only as simple as you wanted one.

There are times in life, when you hear some voices,
There are times in life, when you hear some noises,
And don't try to wonder, was that real ?
Just hear your voice, and you will feel.

-- Karan Parwani

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

By Rule ... We all are fools !!

By Rule Humans are fools,
When its hot, they want it cool,
When its cool, they want it hot,
Always wanting what is NOT...!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Want Happiness?

What is happiness? Try and define the term happy. What someone would define happiness would be something that you like, something that you enjoy or something that gets a smile to your face. But I define happiness as the response of your want or need to the reaction on you actually fulfilling that want or need.

What makes you happy, well mostly they are things that you want and when you do actually get it you feel happy. At times with our close ones we expect from them. Maybe not something in material, but we have our set of expectations from them, like you expect to get a gift on your birthday, but when you don't get it you will not feel happy.

There are very few people who smile or feel happy when they help others. Else mostly people help others with a fact in mind someday that person will help him back.

But this attitude is where the problem is. We expect is where the realproblem lies. If you expect and don't get something you will feel bad. But if you don't expect and don't get you will never feel bad. We should not expect anything from anyone in our life may it be best friends or even parents, that is the true key to happiness. Doing this is a very difficult task in life, but a 100% method of achieving happiness.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The world is only as simple as you want it to be

We hear people say the world is a bad place, or its great to be here. But what we don't realize is that the world is only good or bad as per our perception.

Our perception is basically who we are. If a person is bad and has cheated many, he will always think others are out to cheat him. This is his perception and reflection. While is a person who has been good to others, will always thinks no one will harm him. For people who think this world is all complicated, are usually complicated in their own lives for whatever reasons.

A simple person will always find the world a simple place. If we were to realize this and learn to live this way, we will never blame others for everything that happens. The outer world is the reflection of our inner self. We see the world based on the beliefs and feelings we have grown with. As a person thinks, so he becomes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Impossible is Possible.

Everything on this earth is energy. You as a human have some energy that’s the reason you are able to move around. As compared to any other object like a cup, it has energy too, but it is a different type of energy, hence needs to be moved. Take a look at the plants, animals, air, water, rocks, etc. All have some kind of energy in them. So think about this now, is it possible for energy to interact with other types of energy.

If we learn how to channel the energy in our bodies through various techniques of meditation and learn how to manipulate them to interact with other energies, then you can see magic. We need to understand the science of interacting with other energies and working along with them.

If we are able to achieve this, we will be able to move objects just by thinking about it. And if we master the art of working with other energies, then flying in the air will not be magic or be impossible. We will be able to speak to each other by thinking.

But we have been raised in life with the philosophy of being practical and conditioned our minds not to believe in the unknown or rather very difficult things of life. Energy never comes and goes it always remains constant. Our ability to interact with that energy keeps increasing and reducing. So only if you think its impossible to move an object by thinking or to fly think again, the impossible is really possible.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

Take a step back.

We are so busy with our daily cores of life that we forget about the world we live in. We forget to notice the tree near our house, we forget to notice a small change in our house until a weekend when we are sitting doing nothing and realize, oh this looks different.

We get so busy with our lives we take lots of things for granted. We like to always believe this would not happen to me. Think again, we could be gone within seconds and not know what happens after that. We take people around us also for granted like they are always going to be around. It is important to spend quality time with our near and dear ones.

Take a step back and enjoy what you have earned rather than thinking about how much more you want. Else you will only be working to make money but never enjoy its benefits. We always want to appear good and dress up very well. But we never think about if our souls look good. We never think these things because we do not have time from our worldly woes.

It is only in bad times we realize and for a moment we take a step back and think things thoroughly. But we should not wait for nature to force us to slow down, rather make an effort of doing that every once in a while.

It is important every now and then to stop and think, what are we doing with our lives, what’s important in our lives and are we devoting enough time to them.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Food For Thought:

"Experience is what you get, when you don't get what you want."

Friday, November 2, 2007


Are we in control ? or are we being controlled?

We all feel that we are the ones in control of our lives, but we still encounter moments like when we face a sudden accident or people die, and at those points we need to re-think, are we really in control?

We claim to have made a choice and that's why things went good, but did we really make a choice or were we destined to make that choice and live with that, whether good or bad? Are we in a world which is actually being controlled by someone else, outside this earth or outside our galaxy or outside the universe.

What if we are just a game for someone who is enjoying watching us struggle through our lives and adding moments to our lives for fun. Is it god out there or just some force which works in its own way. Things happen when we have extreme faith in anything. What if this force works on anything coming strong good or bad which comes from our faith.

If things are fixed and suppose to move the way they are moving then we never were in control.