Monday, January 31, 2011

Learn to Let Go

Let me tell you a small story. A man at a restaurant said a hilarious joke and everyone present there laughed aloud. After 5 minutes this man cracked the same joke and then a few people laughed, and he cracked it 4 more times until the point no one laughed at the joke. This man was very wise, smiled and told everyone “ If you cannot laugh at the same joke again and again, why do you cry about the same thing again and again? “. Every person present there had a smile of enlightenment on their faces.

Everyone knows the fact I have mentioned here, only we forget this in our everyday lives. We must learn to let our past be past, only learn from those mistakes and move ahead. Don’t keep grudges, anger, mistakes in your head, learn to let go. It is truly not worth wasting space in your mind with these meaningless things. Letting go off the past and moving on will only ensure a happier you.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dose of Thought

Love is the only thing that can be divided without being diminished.

-- Karan Parwani