Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Impossible is Possible.

Everything on this earth is energy. You as a human have some energy that’s the reason you are able to move around. As compared to any other object like a cup, it has energy too, but it is a different type of energy, hence needs to be moved. Take a look at the plants, animals, air, water, rocks, etc. All have some kind of energy in them. So think about this now, is it possible for energy to interact with other types of energy.

If we learn how to channel the energy in our bodies through various techniques of meditation and learn how to manipulate them to interact with other energies, then you can see magic. We need to understand the science of interacting with other energies and working along with them.

If we are able to achieve this, we will be able to move objects just by thinking about it. And if we master the art of working with other energies, then flying in the air will not be magic or be impossible. We will be able to speak to each other by thinking.

But we have been raised in life with the philosophy of being practical and conditioned our minds not to believe in the unknown or rather very difficult things of life. Energy never comes and goes it always remains constant. Our ability to interact with that energy keeps increasing and reducing. So only if you think its impossible to move an object by thinking or to fly think again, the impossible is really possible.

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