Friday, November 2, 2007


Are we in control ? or are we being controlled?

We all feel that we are the ones in control of our lives, but we still encounter moments like when we face a sudden accident or people die, and at those points we need to re-think, are we really in control?

We claim to have made a choice and that's why things went good, but did we really make a choice or were we destined to make that choice and live with that, whether good or bad? Are we in a world which is actually being controlled by someone else, outside this earth or outside our galaxy or outside the universe.

What if we are just a game for someone who is enjoying watching us struggle through our lives and adding moments to our lives for fun. Is it god out there or just some force which works in its own way. Things happen when we have extreme faith in anything. What if this force works on anything coming strong good or bad which comes from our faith.

If things are fixed and suppose to move the way they are moving then we never were in control.


Karan Parwani said...

Well i do not know coz I have not read it in the TOI

riyaz said...

Choice. It is central to our being as humans. To say that we are being controlled is just a way to absolve ourselves of responsibility.
Every action has a consequence - and there ain't no one else to blame.
People often confuse the consequence of their actions as fate, destiny, kismet. Except all that matters is Karma.