Monday, February 25, 2008

Are you packed.

We all live here, in this world collecting things all our life. Not all of us really get a chance to use any of those things we have collected. But we still collect and behave like we are going to live forever. But what we forget is we have come in this world only for a while, we are definitely going to leave and go from here. So are we preparing to leave this world or are we preparing to stay here?

That’s the real question. Human tendency is that we are going to stay here, and we forget the truth. We must think about this practically and prepare to leave and buy only things we need at the moment. We must start packing today, as suddenly if we leave, we will be unpacked. Probably that’s the reason people come back in this world, as they were not prepared to leave. So they are sent back, to prepare and only then leave. We must get what we need and sometimes for a bit of luxury. But we must learn to let go of the same, which is the most important thing.

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