Monday, April 21, 2008

Joy of small things

We are so busy in our everyday work that we take for granted all that we have. When we eat, drink or breath, we are thinking only about the future, and what we are going to do then, but we waste the precious moment we have in hand. The bigger level of joy comes from small things in life, but we are too busy to take notice of that.

Small things like enjoying the food we eat, enjoy the nature around us, and enjoy the rain or the smell of a flower. There are times when you eat great food, but do not enjoy the taste because the mind is else where. These things are very simple and may sound very funny, but if all minds are set free and you tried doing any of the above, you will feel true joy in life. When you give something to someone only to see a smile on the persons face will give you great amount of joy.

If we take some time to notice the feeling in small things of life, we will understand what joy is all about. We have enough to do in life with our plate full with loads of work. But we must take a moment in everyday life to see and enjoy the small things, feelings, gestures we get and give everyone, and we should appreciate these things to live life to the fullest.

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