Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It happens to everyone

There are times when some bad happens to us and we ask the question, why me? But we don't understand is that is happens to everyone. All are tested in their life.

A woman was greatly sorrowful because of the death of her little son. She went from house to house holding her dead son piteously and begging someone to give him medicine that would bring him back to life. A wise man advised her to go to the Baba, who was nearby lecturing. She stood at the edge of the crowd, her dead son on her hip, and cried, "Oh Exalted One, give me medicine that will bring my son back to life."

The Baba replied, "Very well, but you must fetch me mustard seeds from a house in which no-one has died." She went forthwith to all the houses in town, but at each door she was told, "We would gladly give you seeds, but since you say you may take them only from a house in which no-one has died, then we must disappoint you. So many people have died in this house." Finally she returned to the Baba. "So, did you bring mustard seeds?" he asked. "I am finished with mustard seeds".

Everyone has a bad patch in life, which actually are only testing times. If we make through it, we learn to cope with such situations. Which in future is not so bad for us as we have experience in the same. In the given moment we are so lost with the fact that we are facing a difficult time, that we never realize the fact we are not the only one. It's amazing that when something good happens to us, we never seem to ask the question, why me?

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Abhishek Sharan said...

good one dude...
thats truth that everyone should realise, although intensity is differnt in differnt lifes but one who suffers most evolves strongest!!!