Tuesday, May 26, 2009


In general life, we fear some or many things. But we never spend time in thinking, what is that fear. For example we fear the darkness, but what exactly is it that we fear in the darkness. Thinking about this might even remove your fear.

We only fear the unknown, but never really thinking rationally about the fear. At times at work we fear we will not be able to perform a given task. But then think thoroughly, what will happen if you are not able to perform a given task. Not always will you lose your job, but we are more scared of making a fool of ourselves, rather than loosing a job.

Honestly no one cares of what we do, but ourselves. If you think about any problems and see the worst case scenario, you will realize that the problem is actually very small. That’s when you will be able to gain further confidence and perform better than you expected. Fear is nothing but an illusion of the time.

If we don't know something, we should not fear it, we should take it and learn it. Even an attempt will teach you something, and will not go waste. So think about your fears and you will realize most of them will cease to exist.