Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Problems in Life

We all face problems in life, and always believe that it is the worst situation to be in. We feel very miserable and always believe why this is happening to us? But when we compare our problems with anyone else’s problem we realize that our problem is nothing as compared to other problems people face.

When in a problem try and think about the worst situation that could happen with the given problem. Only then you will realize that the worst situation is not really very big. If the problem will seem as a small one, it will help reduce stress in return help the problem to disappear. Any problem could be resolved or worked upon. A problem is not the end of the world but a learning, which later in life we will call experience.


Megha said...

Very true....I agree

chubbydove said...

great post

Praveen Reddy said...

Its good, i read it before.
Thanks rmembering it now

Sureindran said...

whenever i am facing a problem, i will always think about the worst case that could happen. Like, if i make a mistake at work, the worst thing can happen is me losing the job.

Most of the time, the "worst case" is not that bad at all and there's always alternative ways of surviving. this make me feel better,relaxed and in fact, i can handle that problem well.