Monday, January 18, 2010

Clear Mind

We all face difficulties in life, at work, at college, at school etc. However at times we are unable to think clearly and hence decide to quit from the challenge life throws at us. But at such times we must realize that these problems are only a small part of life, not the heart of life.

At the given point of time in life it seems to be the only thing in life, but that’s because we fear our future, is the reason we fear our present. It is important during tough times in life to take a moment and clear your minds, only to realize the problem in life is very small and only a learning of life. Also remember this is how it works.

Clear Mind --leads to --> No Fear -- leads to --> Solutions for problems -- leads to --> Stronger person in life.


zahra said...

i agree wid u.if u had added clear mind and positive attitude towards life dat wud have been better coz positive thinking boosts one energy.

zahra said...

i do agree wid u and clear mind and positive attitude is also vimportant