Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Seventh Sense

We all have heard about the sixth sense. When a person has his/her sixth sense active they are able to look into the future, perform remote viewing etc. This is the state of the mind very difficult to attain but once reached, could give you information using the forces of nature around you.

However I believe there is something called the seventh sense, a higher state of mind than the sixth sense. This is the state when our mind/body/soul is in complete synchronization with the forces of nature. Once the seventh sense is active, we are able to manipulate the forces of nature around us. The seventh sense lets us create/change things, which people would believe to be magic or miracle.

A classic example of the presence of the seventh sense being active is Shirdi Sai Baba. He used to perform such acts people used to call miracles or magic. However my belief is his seventh sense was highly active and he was in total synchronization with the forces of nature. And hence could manipulate these forces for the greater good of mankind. Maybe even during the Mahabharata the great kings had their seventh sense active, which were used during wars to manipulate the forces of nature and input power into every arrow that was shot at the enemy.


Jack Clearman said...

Really like your thoughts here, I have a firm believe that what you speak of has truth behind it. I am currently a pre-med student looking to make a career of learning about this kind of awareness and empowering people with it. I started a blog as well, heres the link.
Have a good one!

Sir John said...

Very interesting and informative. Thank you for the great article on the seventh sense.

Jacqui Dobens said...

I LOVE this thought! While reading it I was reminded of the writings of Claude Bristol around this subject. Specifically, "The Magic of Believing". In my blog my tagline is creating lasting change with the tools of the universe. Here's the link:

Thanks for sharing!

Jacqui Dobens
Life Tools University

Fernando-Alejandro said...

That was a great bit of reading.. There are things we still know little about, let's just hope man can reach total awareness, I,m sure at one point in time he had it! thanks, Fernando.

Virtualust said...

The seventh sense is controlling nature, maybe there will be eight about traveling the universe.

pascal said...

Pour moi je j'assimile le le septième sens à l'esprit.
Dans mon blog je parle de la physique quantique où il est dit qu'une particule a 2 aspects complémentaires. Si on l'observe elle est localisée(elle est matière). Si elle n'est pas observée elle est partoutelle est l'onde). Le monde est matière, la particule est esprtt.
Ton avis?

Master of Thoughts said...

do you know how to achieve the seventh sense?