Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Food for Soul

You all get hungry every now and then,
Your tummy feels the pinch and you begin,
To ask for food and fill your tummy,
A satisfying meal but we are still hungry.

Your soul needs food just like your tummy,
Your soul needs strength & heart, sounds funny?
It needs the same love & care,
The soul needs you to be aware.

Food for soul is prayer & peace,
Food for soul you must not miss,
Feed the soul and give it love,
Such a soul will help you lift above.

-- Karan Parwani


Wrighton said...

Beautiful, thank your. Your thoughts are great and so true.
Thank you for sharing.

Self-Taught said...

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Michelle said...

A great poem that combines the physical and spiritual notes of hunger. Keep up the good work. :)