Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Break the Wall

Let me tell you a short story. In a company, one fine Monday morning, the CEO put up a notice saying “Yesterday the person hindering your growth has passed away. Please gather in the conference room at 10:00 a.m. to pray for his soul.” All the employees were curious to find out who this person was, who was hindering their growth.

Though many were making sad faces as someone had gone away, in their minds they were happy that now they would be able to progress and grow in life. At 10:00 a.m. all employees gathered in the conference room and curiously went ahead to the coffin to see this person, Only to be shocked to find a mirror kept in the coffin. They all realized by just a positive thought, that now they will be able to progress in life. This made them feel good and gave them a positive approach to work and life, as they believed someone else was hindering their growth.

It made them understand that it was their own fears that had created walls of in their minds and hindered their growth. A positive thought momentary broke all the walls of fear in their minds. That is all it takes, a positive thought, to move ahead and not let anything hinder our growth and path of success to life.


Mary said...

How true this is...we, ourselves, prevent ourselves from reaching our full potential. We doubt ourselves and cloud our progression with negativity. What a shame, isn't it? Think what we could accomplish if we replaced 100% of our negative thoughts and actions with 10% of positive attitude.

pascal said...

I like your story. It's short but it's the only truth. I medite about it everytime.
Tank you, it' an excellent lesson of philosophy

tompg said...

hi, nice meeting you here. this is a great story.ifact it is true for me too