Thursday, July 19, 2012

We Are Magnets

The following is my interpretation of some things on earth and significance of 21-Dec-2012. Every living being on this earth is a magnet. As a result of this magnetic force, everything has an aura. Based on our emotions and feelings, we increase or decrease the magnetic force of our aura. There are some temples where people believe their wishes are fulfilled.

Traditionally these temples are strategically located in places on earth where the magnetic force is high. So when we walk around the god's idol in a clockwise direction, we increase the magnetic force of our aura hence increasing energy levels. According to my interpretation, vastu shastra and feng shui are also based on magnetic properties of earth and therefore they benefit us. Even when we do our prayers, the vibrations help increase our magnetic power hence enabling us to attract health, wealth and success in life.

On 21-Dec-2012 the earth will pass through the centre of the milky way, which will be passing through the centre of the magnet which has kept all the planets together. That is the day when we will be able to easily recharge our aura/magnets to the full potential hence reaching a state of enlightenment.

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Timsy Mehta said...

Surprisingly I came across this interpretation when I wished to read something about 12/12/12..
Indeed a good thought-work, and now let's hold breaths for the next few months..