Monday, November 26, 2012

Spirituality & Kids

In today's world, look at what we are teaching our kids today. We all want your children to grow into successful humans, securing a good job, making money and want them to be far ahead in the race of life. We will try to make them an all rounder, by making them join cricket, tennis, football, chess, drawing, maths, English and all kinds of extra-curricular activities. We feel that all these qualities will make them a perfect human being. 

But we have stopped emphasizing on teaching our children moral values and spirituality. Without these two basic qualities, not everyone can make it very far in life. Without the moral values the child might think it is alright the take short cuts in life and climb over another person to become successful. Without spirituality they may not have the will power, confidence or a positive attitude to face challenges in life and not just at a work place. We must think if we are preparing our children for the life to come or merely for one task of life.

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