Sunday, October 12, 2014

Life is Teaching … Are you learning?

Every person has good days and bad days in life. Many of us cry through the bad days and many others face these bad days with a tough spirit. We all have to pass through the bad days in life, whether we like it or not. But when we look back at those days, we realize that we actually learnt something from those tough days. Life has funny ways of teaching us lessons. But sometimes our stubborn ego does not let us learn the lessons life tries to teach . And only because of this attitude and ego of ours, we see even more bad days.

Life will always teach you lessons and the faster you learn, the faster you see happy days. You need to learn to accept every adversity and difficult situations life throws at you. It makes that situation pass by easily and faster. It also teaches us important lessons which helps us grow and mature. Life will keep repeating its lesson in different ways if you are not willing to learn. Life is always teaching, it is up to us whether we choose to learn the hard way or the easy way. Either ways we will have to learn these lessons of life without a choice.   

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