Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Are there miracles?

At times you want something, but you are not sure if you will get it. And then it happens, that you get exactly what you wanted, we say it was a miracle.

Faith in something we have may it be god, or some person or something. This faith is nothing but it is a positive attitude towards something. This attitude makes us believe that we can get that thing or do that thing with the help of it. And only this positive attitude really makes that thing happen.

Its like this, you have to jump across a hole in the floor to reach the other side. You use a rod hanging from the ceiling to cross and get to the other side. Faith is something like this rod, we use it for support to reach to the other side which is success.

So if you have faith/positive attitude in yourself or in the thing your doing and you know for sure you can do this, then the forces around use conspire to make that happen for you. It is your positive attitude, which drives the forces to make that happen for you.

So you must think again when something works out, was that really a miracle or was that just you...


supriya said...

nicely written..but miracles never happen evry time....imean sometimes they just dntt happn whatever u do...the rod just slips away....."sometimes""

Joyas de Cobre said...

Empowering and reassuring.

Isha said...