Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sometimes ... Thats Just Life

Sometimes there is love, sometimes there is hate,
Sometimes the heart is empty and sometimes there is faith,
Sometimes things fall apart and make you plead,
Sometimes you've got lots, but you still have greed.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,
Sometimes it does'nt matter what you really choose,
Sometimes people leave and make you cry,
Sometimes young ones help you touch the sky,

Sometimes your up, sometimes your down,
Sometimes your happy and sometimes you frown,
But thats just life, and don't take the pain,
Just ride along and you will gain.

-- Karan Parwani


Ishita said...

nice poem! :)

catch me if u can said...

Hey nicely written poem!:)

supriya said...


karishma said...

hey good work.... keep it up..

prabha said...

sometimes you lose but sometimes you win
n this tim u won

beautiful......carry on....writing

Isha said...