Monday, January 7, 2008

What You've Got ... !!!

All small things are important in life,
Let it be just your hands, legs and eyes,
Coz if its missing we feel the pain,
And may loose hope in life to move again.

Don't take for granted these precious things,
Take good care of them and you will bring,
Happiness and peace to your own life,
Else life will surely make you cry.

And we must thank the forces all around,
For making us normal and so sound,
For those who are born in the world this way,
Prayer all their life if they could sway.

You don't know in life what you have got,
When its gone u realize what you have lost,
And you think life is just not being fair,
But you didn’t realize it when it was there.

-- Karan Parwani


Vibha said...

Its good...

Dipika said...

have u written it...bful it is n yes very meaningful.

Gunjan said...

Well written yaar...

GEETA said...

Wow wats imagination ...its great