Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You can be happy

At times in life we feel happy or sad, and we say it is because of something. Like if someone said something nice to you, you would feel happy, or if someone was to say something bad to you, you would feel sad. But think about this, what does it matter as to what others say. Why do we need social approval for things in life?

We are who we are, at times we behave in ways to please others, but at times we still don't change and come back to being what we were. So it all depends on what do you think about yourself. If you were confident about what you think and do, you would be good.

Whatever people say to you, only if that affects you will it change you being happy or sad. If someone abuses you, but you do not react and remain unchanged to that, it will not affect you, hence it will not upset you. So remember this "It is only you who makes you happy and it is only you who makes you sad."

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