Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Mind

Are we free? What according to you is free? Well free in the true sense means free in your mind. If only you can free your mind, can you truly call yourself free. Here is a small story to explain the same.

Vasu a pandit never accepted any gift from his disciples. But his son Kamal never refused anything that his disciples brought to him. This made Vasu unhappy.

One day, he reproached his son: "I do not accept any gift because gifts mean nothing to me. But it pains me to know that you grab all that your disciples bring to you."

Kamal said: "Father, if gifts mean nothing to you, why are you bothered whether I accept them or reject them?"

Vasu did not have a free mind. He wanted to believe he was free from worldly things, but the truth was he was not. If you take minutes of your life to feel no pain, no love, no stress, no nothing, these will be minutes in your life when you truly will be free. No one can make you free but yourself. Being free is a set of mind, a feeling which makes you free.

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