Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beauty of life

You are here now, running around,
Making money, but still you haven't found,
What you want from life, or where you want to go,
But your still living life, like never before.

Mistakes make noise, and pull you down,
The strong ones fight and come back around,
Life teaches you, or you teach life,
There is a learning every time you survive.

Then comes the day when life is gone,
And all you had is then not known,
But we still make things, whatever we can,
And try and live, like there is no end.

So think again, should you run or stop,
Or should you begin something what is not,
Give memories or reason for all to turn wise,
The beauty of life, is that it makes you survive.

-- Karan Parwani


Anonymous said...

life is beauty

sheetal said...

r u really writing this stuff on your own or copying it frm somewhere ? LOL !!