Sunday, April 14, 2013

Calm Within

There are moments in life which pulls you into a rage, that leads to arguments, fights, etc. Today the world around us, people are easily getting pulled into a fit of rage on the smallest mistake/comment of another person. But we need to remain sane as far as possible. When someone calls out to you or says bad things to you, we must learn to remain calm and not react to such moments in life. Ignoring foolishness is not a sign of weakness, rather a sign of wisdom.

If someone says "You are an idiot", and you react to that, it only shows that you believe yourself to be an idiot, only don't want to hear it from another person's mouth. But if you choose not to react to such comments of other people, it only shows that you are in control of your thoughts and are the wise one. You need to check and decide for yourself, if you let the world around control you, or are you really in control of yourself.

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sweety said...

Amazing Thought !!