Friday, May 3, 2013

The Moment

Feel the moment, hear the sounds,
The birds are chirping, cars are loud,
But feel the moment and remember this,
The moment is now, don't let it miss.

Focus the mind, in the moment right now,
Notice this which you missed some how,
The tree next door, a pretty little flower,
A moment you lost in the city's rush hour.

You run for money, you run for fame,
Living in the past or a future aim,
But the moment is now, a moment to swirl,
This moment right now will change your world.

-- Karan Parwani


S. Hauzel Sailo said...

Great poem, I love the moment.
Well arranged.

Ally said...

Beautiful :)

eM Chen Ng said...

All we have is now; and each now is forever. Each now is a moment where we can do better...
Now is the time to learn; and now will never cease to exist.

eM Chen Ng
Blessings and love from Trinidad and Tobago